There are so many avenues to spread your word through. I can spread myself thin and do them all. Doesnt seem like its the most constructive use of my time. I am starting to believe that the filter to the top is much better now. What I mean is the cream is actually the creamiest. What I mean is that the only the best stuff gets to the top now. There is no way I can create the best stuff. some old addage says theres always someone better than you. I could really care less about the person in iowa shooting freethrows who is better than me. I only see my competition, and there is a lot. With what we are doing, I believe our best option is to be a forum for other people. This reminds me a lot of when I ran a tv station in college. All I did was make it the most open for people to express themselves. I tried not to deny anyones dreams, I wanted to make everyones creations happen. and it worked out pretty well. Same goes for here, theres no way we are going to consistently create the word on the street. We need to make it so we are the best outlet for other peoples creations. only the best will still be around in 2 years. I want to work here so badly that I feel like its up to me to make it work> Im going to do my best. has some good outlets for spreading the word. but I am not about to advertise for them. they look nice but it reminds me of with the corporate influence. very starsky and hutch animation like.