Now, in the casual internet conversation, the phrase LOL has been of frequent irritation. I know of quite a few people who would like to expel LOL from our internet lexicon. no more LOL. right?

Laugh out Loud. do they really laugh out loud? I know, they don’t always. you never can tell. When there is a problem, you can either look at it or fix it. those might be one of those 2 types of people scenarios. I fixed it about 5 years ago, but it is yet to spread outside my group of friends. I think.

Lets start by throwing out LOL entirely. it is not descriptive enough. We, as comedians, do not have enough feedback for our humor. how funny are we really being??

ha: obligatory laugh. We recognize you are being funny. kudos. just no actual laughs.

haha: chuckle deserved. pretty funny. not yet laugh out loud territory.

hahaha: actually LOLing. I am laughing – out loud.

hahahahaha…..: the amount of ha’s should now dictate how funny it is, how much you are really laughing. this is dynamic, this is your gauge of laughter. when you get into 2 line territory, you know you are killing.

and thats it. I think I helped a few people today. one more thing from wikipedia:
mdr — French version of the expression “LOL”, meaning “mort de rire”. Roughly translated, it means “dead from laughing”.
THAT is a very cool alternative to the old LOL. if you must be nondescript, do it in french.