I can’t believe people actually read my blog~ Who? why?? I looked at the persons blog who commented on my blog – and it was pretty interesting. EVERYbody’s interesting. Everyone has something to say. and nothing is fine too. I might be hooked. Am I late to the game? doesnt matter, b/c I am here.

So, now I care about getting out there. Popularizing my blog. I get to be competitive sometimes, and I want to be top ten. How do I do this?
First, tagging. There are wordpress tags – which are your categories.


what is technorati? why should I care?
Technorati indexes blogs from all over and allows you to search for topics within them. Like a google for blogs. bloogle, right. If you are accessible to technorati, people from all avenues of blogging will check you out, not just on wordpress.

To get your blog involved with technorati, check out:

They have a lot of great information on the technorati website. I am learning a lot from there.

I don’t know how that first person who commented found my blog, or why, but I am hooked and I want more. I am now tagging.

Del.icio.us is another site that is on my radar, but haven’t yet gotten around to. I am realizing now that there are SO many sites out there that are popular. I feel not in touch sometimes when someone mentions a site that I have never heard of – especially at work. There are so many, and no one could be expected to be operational with all of them. not simultaneously. As long as we have the capability to learn it in an hour, we will all do fine.

There must be more to popularizing blogs. I will keep you (?) updated.

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