I am the type of person to find solutions rather than problems. That is what this site is becoming more and more of.

No Child Left Behind? Doesnt seem to be working. It seems like a last ditch effort to fixing something that is broken. I too have been in this situation. In a relationship with no momentum, I figured the only chance would be to go full throttle with it. I thought by me getting ‘serious’ it would solidify things. Didnt work. Becoming more serious was not the solution.

My solution is to relax the requirements on teaching our kids. We need people teaching who have been successful and are good role models for our children. I think of the people who became teachers that I went to high school with, these are not the people I want teaching my kids.

The problem is, in order to become a teacher, you must have so much schooling, that a person who is serious about producing in life or making a good living would not become a teacher. Who is going to spend 6 years of their life in education to make sub 40k? My naysayer’s answer would be – someone who cares. If you really care, you will start a company and create your own organization to help in a large scale. You can become a big brother. You can use the money you make to help in your free time.

My solution is more like the professorial system in colleges. I want more part-time teachers, who are successful in life, teaching our children. We need people with life experiences and wisdom to pass on their knowledge – rather than 24 year olds who have been told how to teach by books and 2nd hand knowledge. We need a sliding schedule to complement parents very different schedules in this new age , and also for the purpose that we can have a diverse group of teachers from all walks of life. If we have the opportunity to teach high schoolers at night, we would get a much more talented pool of professionals that want to pass on their knowledge.

This may create a complication for parents who use school as day care, but I really don’t care. School is not day care. Your kids are your main priority. You can make this work for them if you thought this was important enough.

Teaching, like public office, should not be something anyone does for their living. If we complicate the process with career paths and money, we are not being honest with ourselves. If we rely on retired individuals, as well as people who are willing to educate in their hours off, these will be the best quality teachers we can get.

Everyone has some free time during the week. Anyone can make time for something they care about. We have amazing individuals who care and who would teach given the opportunity without the tremendous commitment. I say let them teach.