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Half a million hits. I don’t know how it happened. Basically here I am just catering to a topic that is applicable all across the globe in a subject matter which people are excited about and yet need help in (Myspace). I wrote about a dozen myspace pimping articles and they account for 90 percent of my hits.

I try to put all sorts of useful information up here, and it barely gets hits. I hope I can just help a few people with this site. Maybe they will stumble upon the things I’ve learned here accidentally.

My other site Jeffrey Tastes gets less than 200 hits a day. Maybe once I got over 600. That site, I spend time on daily, post a few times a week and devote much of my life with it in mind. It’s definitely an outlet of my passion (eating) and I am always trying to make it bigger. One of the reasons it doesn’t get as many hits is because it is 95 percent concentrated on regional topics around NYC. The audience is definitely limited, but still quite big. Cultural understandings is a worldwide topic, and like the article I wrote on fasting for Ramadan, I think I can write more universally food related posts.

While playing around on some food sites, I realized my next goal would be to get it linked on sites like seriouseats.com . I think the site is useful, written well, and is consistent. I hope people will realize it from the other sites.

Wish me luck!

Food Blog Help

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Here are some links to sites that can help us with our food blogs.
I havent used them all yet, but they have some good info and resources

hope these help
for anyone else reading, feel free to post your own tips and websites

What’s the Difference Between Categories and Tags?

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I made the mistake originally with this blog of giving categories to all the related items with each blog post. Now I have the massive job of converting the categories to tags and figuring out which categories I want to have set here.

Tags and categories are used for search engines to be able to find which webpages are the most relevant to the words being searched. The SE will take into consideration website names, post titles, text sizes, categories, tags, links, and other factors.

Your list of categories could be used as a sidebar or widget on your blog. You can use this as a way for onlookers to navigate your site and find your posts related to that topic.

Categories can be used for people who are already on your site. Tags are for people to find it.

Tags are all words related to your post. You can just go off on this and type a million tags – you will only clutter that post. If you are spamming though, the more tags the less weight the tags hold though, but if you are an honest blogger you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

You want to put as tags specific words or phrases that people may search for to find your post. Put yourself in the person’s keyboard who might want to find you. What would they google search?

You can have multiple categories for a post.

There is much more to categories vs tagging, but this is just a start.

How do I put chevrons or angle brackets aka < or > in wordpress??


For some reason, all of the sudden, I am having trouble putting code into my wordpress blog. I didnt have trouble before, and the <code> function was not working either.

how do I put
angle brackets or chevrons
in my wordpress blog? or other finicky blogs and internet interfaces??

for < you put in &lt;
for > you put in &gt;