My Last Conversation Starters List

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Friday is my last day, here is my list of conversation starters.

Have you ever defended someone’s honor? When was the last time you should have? Was it against someone you know or not?

If your significant other said it was okay, would you cheat on them?

What was the reason you went to the doctor last?

Talk in an accent you’d like to have.

Whats your favorite combination of soft drinks?

What was the last time someone called at an inappropriate time? What happened? did you answer? Delete one person from your phone’s address book right now. Who’s gone? Do you wish you hadn’t? Is there anyone in your phone book that you know they don’t have your number?
What do you want more of?

I get inspiration from a few websites for conversation starters
Yelp talk boards

I usually start from things I’ve heard or conversations I’ve read and let my mind wander off. What would people argue about? What are people proud of? What would create the most emotions out of a person, good or bad.

This was probably the best part of my job at I hope I’ve helped some people have a bit of fun in the past year.

Meebo Endorsement: Chat Safely, Efficiently

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Today I realised that I could start making money with this blog. It crossed my mind, but never really thought it was feasible. I started it with the intention of helping people use the internet better, that’s still the plan.

So, as I am still perfectly clean from corporate dealings, I want to put forth my endorsement for a site I use every day:

There are 2 main benefits:
This site works as an all encompassing instant messenger.
Your instant messaging is virtually undetectable at work or school.

You can set up a meebo account to sign on simultaneously on AIM, gchat, msn messenger, yahoo messenger, icq, and jabber.

This site works just like a webpage, so you do not need to download anything. Just like aim express, but works better. It is also very much under the radar, so it shouldn’t be blocked by any overenthusiastic school or workplace.

This is not some rinky dink company. They are totally legit and work hard to make a fully functioning site.

One more thing, they have an option where you can put a “meebo me” widget on your personal site, where people can talk to you when you are signed on. For an example, check out my myspace.