How do I Remove my friends names on my myspace page?


Question from Lauryn:
hey can you help me i’m tryin to find a code that removes the name but leaves the picture on my top friends on myspace?

Put this in style brackets(What are style brackets?):

table table table table table table a {visibility:hidden;}
table table table table table table a img {visibility:visible;}

Thanks, Lauryn, this should do it. Enjoy

How do I put chevrons or angle brackets aka < or > in wordpress??


For some reason, all of the sudden, I am having trouble putting code into my wordpress blog. I didnt have trouble before, and the <code> function was not working either.

how do I put
angle brackets or chevrons
in my wordpress blog? or other finicky blogs and internet interfaces??

for < you put in &lt;
for > you put in &gt;

How do I change the color of my font on myspace? and in comments?



How do you change the color of your font in myspace?
This is an easy question, but it can get complicated.

Before we actually start, lets pick a color. Keep that number ready.

When typing text in a comment or in just one field or table, and you only are concerned with that individual field, you can use this code:

<font color=”color_code”> YOUR TEXT HERE </font>

and to change the size also, use this:
<font color=”color_code” face=”font style” size=”number value from 1 to 7″> your text here </font>

If you want to change individual parts of your profile, everything is laid out very well in this guys guide on myspace

The most basic of what you want to create is:

td, a, body, table,p { color:XXXXX;}

put that in your profile and you will change the color of most of the text.

Where do I paste code into myspace?


I want to pimp my myspace. I got the code need to put in.
So, where do I paste the code into my profile??

Essential question – thanks Rach

If you are putting a video into your profile, you put the video code in whichever box you want it to be shown.

As for layout changes and css code, you should put it inside the ABOUT ME section. If you want to add code to code you already put in, you should insert it somewhere inside the style tags – to be more precise, put it right before the line which has the “/style” in it. That basically says that this is the end to your formatting code.

You can basically put the code wherever though. Just try it. and Send your questions!

How to Insert a Video Into WordPress

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I ran into a little trouble trying to put a video on this blog. How do I put a video into my wordpress blog? Here is the code you need to put on a video:
[ youtube=]
Just put the URL where it belongs here – thats how you get it in. and take out the space after the first bracket – trouble figuring out how to post code

In other words, put this:

inside [ ] square brackets.

-Thanks Raymee! nice video