Where do I paste code into myspace?


I want to pimp my myspace. I got the code need to put in.
So, where do I paste the code into my profile??

Essential question – thanks Rach

If you are putting a video into your profile, you put the video code in whichever box you want it to be shown.

As for layout changes and css code, you should put it inside the ABOUT ME section. If you want to add code to code you already put in, you should insert it somewhere inside the style tags – to be more precise, put it right before the line which has the “/style” in it. That basically says that this is the end to your formatting code.

You can basically put the code wherever though. Just try it. and Send your questions!

How to adjust font size in myspace


How do I make my font sizes bigger or smaller in myspace?
You want to use the following lines to help you with this, where the XXXX is where the text that you want larger or smaller.
the is the normal font. and the +’s make it bigger, and the -‘s make the text smaller. Put the code in your profile, and see what size you deem appropriate.

<font size=+4>XXXXXXXX</font>
<font size=+3></font>
<font size=+2></font>
<font size=+1></font>
<font size=-1></font>
<font size=-2></font>