JDate AUTO-RENEWS YOUR MEMBERSHIP. Cancel before your term is over or else they will charge you for a new months membership. I thought it would just expire, but no. Whenever you give a company your credit card number, you are just asking to be charged again. Well what can you do, right?

I strongly suggest you cancel your membership right away. And for new jdaters, get the membership, then cancel right away. And before you buy in, make sure you have specific people you want to contact. They do not charge to put up a profile and browse. Be pointed in your jdating. Find a few people you want to contact, then join, then cancel right away, so they do not charge you for the extra month. If you even join every 6 months or a year, you will probably be able to meet from the same pool.

Before even joining, check to see if they are using their AIM name for their screenname on jdate.
To cancel your jdate membership, go to member services on top then to member management then to turn off auto-renewal.
To cancel altogether, member services / member management / remove my profile

For Jdate customer service, call 1-877-453-3861 . I don’t have much hope here though.

With the extra 40, here is are a few options for meeting new people:
buy 6 people drinks at bars. This is an automatic conversations starter and people will at the very least talk to you. Don’t want to be burned? Ask the person if they want to talk FIRST – with your initial intention of you buying them a drink. If they say yes, then proceed to get them a drink when the bartender comes by.

If you are not into the “bar scene”, buy someone a magazine at the supermarket. I know this sounds weird, but the principle is the same. You show the person some grace by providing for them and they feel obligated to give you a chance.
“Hey, I got this for you.” how sweet?

If you are shy, maybe buy yourself a conversation piece to wear. some funky hat or shirt that says “I love jews”. People will probably come up to you with a shirt like that.

okay, so we have this extra 40 dollars to meet people… you have to realize that this money is allotted each month for meeting someone new. by redirecting these funds to something in real life that will allow you to meet people, you will probably get more output than on jdate.

comment in some other ideas that are working for you.

How to get a refund from jdate:
Today I called up 1-877-453-3861 I told them I didnt realize that it auto-renews. The guy saw that I opted out the day before and they are refunding the months money. It should take 5-7 days for the money to be transferred. That I appreciate.