Twitter virus hacked accounts – Nossa olha….

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“Nossa olha so oq vai rolar hj e IMPERDIVEL!!!!!”

This was the message followed by a link which hacked twitterers have been sending out. Don’t click the link, delete and if you did click, spybot yourself.

Remove the message – This publisher could not be verified


This publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?

This happens when you are trying to run a program which is unfamiliar to your system.

If you do not have the option to uncheck the ‘Always ask before opening this file’ option, there is another way:

You can turn off all of these messages by doing as follows:
Open up internet Explorer
Tools -> Internet options
Click on Security tab
Click on custom level button
Under “Launching applications and unsafe files” click enable

Our problem may have been that the program we were running was located on a network and the computer treated it like a program over the internet. Basically, it didnt like it.

This is just one way to solve this problem on some HP systems. There are probably a hundred ways, but most will be basically the same idea.

Hope this helps.

Meebo Endorsement: Chat Safely, Efficiently

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Today I realised that I could start making money with this blog. It crossed my mind, but never really thought it was feasible. I started it with the intention of helping people use the internet better, that’s still the plan.

So, as I am still perfectly clean from corporate dealings, I want to put forth my endorsement for a site I use every day:

There are 2 main benefits:
This site works as an all encompassing instant messenger.
Your instant messaging is virtually undetectable at work or school.

You can set up a meebo account to sign on simultaneously on AIM, gchat, msn messenger, yahoo messenger, icq, and jabber.

This site works just like a webpage, so you do not need to download anything. Just like aim express, but works better. It is also very much under the radar, so it shouldn’t be blocked by any overenthusiastic school or workplace.

This is not some rinky dink company. They are totally legit and work hard to make a fully functioning site.

One more thing, they have an option where you can put a “meebo me” widget on your personal site, where people can talk to you when you are signed on. For an example, check out my myspace.