I am always looking for ways to put real life situations in to classifications.

I propose we group our friends in two ways: digital and analog.

Digital friends meaning the people where we can pick up with at any period of time. Our history doesnt make us friends, its the connection that does. Never a ‘why havent you called??’ and no animosity because of it. My crazy schedule (and moodiness) has basically made all my friends digital.

Analog friends can be temporal. They might have to be. These people are generally needy. They need a reminder every few days that, yes, you are still with them. These may also people who are friends with you because of your daily schedule. Its not that they need the consistency, its the consistency that creates the friendship. Your college roommate might be this type. Your girlfriend or boyfriend may very well be this type. Your coworkers are probably this type.

Lets bring it into the lexicon. Digital and Analog friends.