How do I cut down my internet time?

Stamp of approval:

The new state of the internet is that it is so wide open, there are now so many avenues to spend your time in. Every time I sit at a computer, there is a routine of checking my 2 main emails (general and personal) then less often my other 2 older professional emails, also checking the blogs, and then the stocks, and the news of the day, and then going on to a search engine or wiki to get started in what I sat down to do in the first place.

At first I used the google personalized homepage, which worked well. Netvibes seems to fit more stuff though. Useful stuff.

Netvibes is helping me streamline my internet time tremendously. Now, when I go to my computer, I go to one site, and I can check everything at the same time. I have 3 emails, 3 rss blog feeds, my google calendar, the NY times, and a few search engines. Also the weather. Oh, and tech news, and digg. And also a to-do list. This eliminates at least 4 sites I would normally have to log on to.

There are also add-ons for keeping tabs on myspace people, ebay, craigslist…. I don’t use them though.

Now, comes the period where we need to cut down our internet time. Lets get lives. Hope this helps.