Yes Man – Stole my line!

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Everyone’s coming up to me: “Jeff, They stole your line!”

I know! It is still unclear if it was me or my friend who made it up, the line: Just Say Yes or Always Say Yes. The basic premise of the phrase is if you have an idea in your head, you should do it. That’s what it’s come down to. It used to be Say Yes to everything suggested to you, but that gets you into trouble and can compromise your integrity. So that’s what my phrase means.

This works great for talking to people and doing new things and facing your fear. BUT there is a new phrase….

Fuck It allows you to think less and just act. Thinking is what impedes progress too many times. Fuck It and just do it.
I got this phrase from Ice-T. A rapper who I’ve been listening to since I was 10 years old. Now I realize how smart a person he is. He is just a wise person and is able to explain sensibly everything he stands for. Check out some of his great songs and lyrics. He is a great story teller, reminds me of raps Bob Dylan.

So that’s the new phrase that pays. Jim Carrey is too late. Sorry, Jim!

I said NO to smoking – oops, lesson learned

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I have been getting promotional items in the mail from cigarette companies since college. It’s worked out pretty well, I have this fireproof pouch, and zippo, and this cool key chain and other things.

Yesterday I got a letter telling me I can get a free beach towel if I filled out info on a website, — Now, don’t go to the site just yet, you will need some information….

On the site, they ask for a few numbers that are supposed to be located on the mailer. One number I didnt see anywhere. So I called up customer service. They asked me my information, then Margaret from CS asked me if I am a smoker

“No.” I said in a ‘whatcha gonna do bout it’ fashion.
“Okay Mr. Orlick, because you said you are not a smoker, I will be taking your name off our promotional mailing list. Our promotional items are only available to people who ARE smokers”
“No wait! I was, off and on.”
“You are not a smoker.”
“Well, I can be convinced!”
“Sorry, Mr. O…” Click.

I cannot tell a lie. Maybe I should learn.


First post, say yes

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This is my first blog post. ever. I have always stayed away from the blogging community. I never thought I had the commitment to keep a blog. If I have anything important to say or pass along, I will to my friends – not the masses.

This monday, I started a new job at an internet startup. I think I love it. I feel like I am there for ideas. which is amazing to me because all I do is come up with better ways of doing things, and to be paid for it?? its not a think tank, but it is a wide open thing where we are laying the groundwork now for what will be a great site in the near future. hopefully this blog will chronicle our way to success. at the very least I will talk about what is happening with myself working at the company. from my first days on the job (I started this monday).

I am not one to overexpose myself to the public. so I am aiming for this to be more of a useful blog to spread the things I have learned about the internet, computers, and anything else I think everyone should know. maybe no one will read it. I would be disappointed actually. I am writing this so people can take advantage. So I want people to read this. I will have to make it informative and exciting. and not rant endlessly. for that reason this paragraph must stop.

Again, this is my first blog. I am good with internet and computers, but have never been exposed to this world like this. THEREFORE, everything I learn about blogging, I will document here, so things will be easy for anyone reading this blog. I will try everything out on this blog, just to experiment and learn it. there is a lot to know. intimidating a bit. but I knew the only way to do it is to start now. so thats what I did. I wanted to put this off. not create it tonight. N0, this blog starts now. which brings me to how I have been approaching opportunities for the past year. the one thing that I want to spread which I think can make everyone better who follows it. What I think will help anyone gain an expanded view and an accelerated life. its all very simple, but against what our parents and teachers have been telling us for decades. There are many people that will bring you down – the doubters, the haters – people who are essentially negative. these people are poisonous to you. they can change, I think I may have been that way at one time. I am tired of hearing people say no. thats why this first post is dedicated to one phrase: Just say yes.

thats it for tonight. more tomorrow.