I just spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out what Ismail Ax means. What was supposed to be written on the killers arm in the VT shootings. This is starting to become ridiculous though.

Just another example of someone so self-involved, so self-righteous, they think what they are doing is so profound. They want to change the entire world. This reminds me of the movie Seven, or other movies with the genius psychokiller. This kid was obviously (in American Idol’s words) affected.
Did you see his picture of him with the hammer??? lame. get real.

Does he think this is really revenge? This is a footnote. barely. . you can’t change people by killing them. Theres some quote that says “Its better to live for a cause than to die for one.”

When you are in High School and even college, and a lot of times after that too, there are these immature people – who have these grandiose ideas. Is this megalomania? These people think everything they do has meaning and should be studied for years to come, because they were at a level above everyone. heres the question: can you even name the columbine killers? dylan was one I think. clebold? im not even going to look it up. nor link to it. No person below 25 will be profound. At least Kurt Cobain and the rest were 28. Dean, Jimi, whoever, they were all talented or good looking but none knew anything about life. dying early does not prove anything. killing doesnt either – look at the US govt. Nietszche was the closest thing we’ve had to the overman, and he did not kill anyone for it, he went mad because he saw a horse being flogged. consider his moustache.

and now this ismail ax is a web riddle?? How ridiculous I am wasting my time on this kids game? Killers like this aren’t meant to be studied. This is a feigned psychopath. It seems that he idolized what we see in movies and computer games as the evil mastermind killer. (I am in no way blaming them for this, FOX news)

So, I know its a big mystery, and its fun to solve puzzles and all… but do we really have to waste time with this crap? Something one person thought was so clever? At most lets be constructive, but at the least, just figure out the worlds most impossible quiz game!