Twitter virus hacked accounts – Nossa olha….

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“Nossa olha so oq vai rolar hj e IMPERDIVEL!!!!!”

This was the message followed by a link which hacked twitterers have been sending out. Don’t click the link, delete and if you did click, spybot yourself.

How do I protect my computer from viruses? for free?


People are always asking me:
How do I protect my computer from viruses?
Is there anything free to protect my computer?
what do you do with a trojan on your computer? help with removal?

Here is the suite of protection programs I use and recommend to everyone to use as well.

Most of the software I use is for free because they are usually made by good people and work the best – and its free. Practically the only things I pay for on the computer are my flickr account and webhosting.

There are a suite of 3 programs I use to prevent spyware, viruses, worms, etc from reaching my computer. Here they are:

1. Spybot – Search and Destroy
This is one of 2 programs i use to prevent spyware from coming to my PC.

2. Adaware
This and spybot always compete with eachother for best free anti-spyware. I like to have both at hand just in case.

3. Avast Anti-Virus
This wonderful program is powerful and free. It doesnt take up much of your resources on your computer at all.

These three programs are great because they are free and they won’t slow down your computer too much. Plus, you can trust these 3 companies (as of nov 2007).
I would never pay for programs like McCaffee – they put huge programs on your computer and use up your resources, causing your computer to slow down.

Also, You must use Firefox instead of internet explorer.
The newer, more protected, versions of IE will eat up your resources causing it to slow down. IE is the number one enemy of many hackers and they love to cause trouble with that. Firefox used to be the darling of computer geeks, so no one really messed with people running it, but that is starting to change little by little.