Statistics for websites and subdomains – My fav so far.


I like this site the best for measuring statistics of sites not my own.

I especially like how you can get statistics for subdomains. This is rare for a statistical analysis page. Also, it’s free. No signups necessary. Just plug in and go. Easy.

top 10 list of analytics


Why can’t I go to the page that comes up in my google search?

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When I do a google search, I see the page which I want to in the description but when I click on the link another page comes up. How do I see that page???

This has been frustrating to me for a while, and for some reason I just gave up. I mean, it has to be in there, right? If its showing up, it must kept somewhere….
Little did I know that the solution was right underneath the listing….

On some listings, there are three links underneath:
Cached – Similar pages – Note this

If you click on the Cached link, you will see the page that shows on the listing. voila!

I have yet to care about the other two links here

Here is an interesting website that relates to all of this:

Good luck!