Possibly Related Posts on WordPress Blogs

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I looked at one of my posts today and What the hell is this? There was a link at the bottom of my post for “possibly related” content. It was a link to a photo site of Red Hook Ballfields.

Yo, I control my blog. Links on my website are JO approved only. I would never put up spam for my readers. This completely ruins my integrity.

Luckily, there is a solution to take off this feature:

From your main page, click on DESIGN -> EXTRAS
Check: Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other’s blogs or get traffic that way

Part of me says ‘maybe this is good, it might give me some link love’ but I just cannot sacrifice my integrity like this. I am not particularly a fan of all the new wordpress changes.

thanks Lorelle

Food Blog Help

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Here are some links to sites that can help us with our food blogs.
I havent used them all yet, but they have some good info and resources

hope these help
for anyone else reading, feel free to post your own tips and websites

How do I put chevrons or angle brackets aka < or > in wordpress??


For some reason, all of the sudden, I am having trouble putting code into my wordpress blog. I didnt have trouble before, and the <code> function was not working either.

how do I put
angle brackets or chevrons
in my wordpress blog? or other finicky blogs and internet interfaces??

for < you put in &lt;
for > you put in &gt;

How to Insert a Video Into WordPress

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I ran into a little trouble trying to put a video on this blog. How do I put a video into my wordpress blog? Here is the code you need to put on a video:
[ youtube=http://youtube.com/watch?v=xxxxxxxxxxx]
Just put the URL where it belongs here – thats how you get it in. and take out the space after the first bracket – trouble figuring out how to post code

In other words, put this:

inside [ ] square brackets.

-Thanks Raymee! nice video