Conversation Starters Revisited

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It’s been a while since I wrote my conversation starters. I recently posted a bunch of my old ones on a forum and I got inspired.

Here are a few new conversation starters I thought of while reading cosmo. Seriously.

Have you ever had a wasted date? You did a lot of fun stuff, but it was wasted on the wrong person.

Are you straight out the trailer or compton? Pick one and Prove it.

When’s the last time you realized someone had no underwear? were you disgusted or into it?

What backup items do you have always ready?
I always have extra shoes in my car.

Let’s make the Sex Dice Game. Pick what the numbers mean.

Give a compliment to someone here. No names necessary.

Hey, alter ego. Step up and introduce yourself.

Where do you want me to look?

Symantec Norton Antivirus 2009 Uninstall Password



Norton is a huge program, slows down your machine, and won’t let you go once you’re in their system.

For example, in the new Norton 2009 antivirus software – to uninstall, you now need an UNINSTALL PASSWORD. WTF?? They never give you the password though. So shady.

Well, the password is “symantec”

How stupid is that?

Don’t get involved with these people.
Here are my security recommendations