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Half a million hits. I don’t know how it happened. Basically here I am just catering to a topic that is applicable all across the globe in a subject matter which people are excited about and yet need help in (Myspace). I wrote about a dozen myspace pimping articles and they account for 90 percent of my hits.

I try to put all sorts of useful information up here, and it barely gets hits. I hope I can just help a few people with this site. Maybe they will stumble upon the things I’ve learned here accidentally.

My other site Jeffrey Tastes gets less than 200 hits a day. Maybe once I got over 600. That site, I spend time on daily, post a few times a week and devote much of my life with it in mind. It’s definitely an outlet of my passion (eating) and I am always trying to make it bigger. One of the reasons it doesn’t get as many hits is because it is 95 percent concentrated on regional topics around NYC. The audience is definitely limited, but still quite big. Cultural understandings is a worldwide topic, and like the article I wrote on fasting for Ramadan, I think I can write more universally food related posts.

While playing around on some food sites, I realized my next goal would be to get it linked on sites like seriouseats.com . I think the site is useful, written well, and is consistent. I hope people will realize it from the other sites.

Wish me luck!

Lucky Brand Store 30% Off – September 2008

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I got a coupon code in the mail, and I just cannot throw this away without letting the information go public.

Enter the code 8SVIP at checkout when you order from the online Lucky Store and you will get 30 percent off.

Not as good as their blowout sale, but it’s something to save you some change.

New Way to Make Homework Fun – Game Show

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I read a great homework tip for you and your kids the other day in the Queens Parent paper..

Transform homework time into a game show.
Liven up your child’s studying by performing your own version of a popular television game show such as “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” with your child as the contestant. Using your child’s homework materials, create 15 questions, with the first holding a value of $1,000 and the final worht $1,000,000. The contestant gets 3 lifelines to use when stumped: “Poll the Family,” “Fifty/Fifty,” and “Phone-a-Friend.” The author encourages using fake money with this game.

Pretty cool, huh?

NY Metro Parents
Author Homepage