How do I block spam comments from Myspace?


oh, so you don’t want those ads for free ringtones or penis enhancements?? and you arent interested in seeing who’s looked at your profile (doesnt work)….
Well, Everyone with a relatively uncontrolled friends list or friends with myspace viruses have been barraged by spam comments like these.
You have two solutions: you can either take out comments altogether (look for a post later this week)
OR set your comments so that you have to approve it before it shows up..
How do I do this??

From your homepage, click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS
CHECK THE BOX WHICH SAYS – Comments – approve before posting

While you are here, you may want to reconsider the group and event invite privacy settings too. They can get annoying as well.

Don’t quit on Myspace, don’t let them win

How do I insert a video into facebook?


Heres a question that has totally been under the radar:
How do I put a video onto facebook?

The book barely mentions this, but it is possible! Heres how you do it:

First things first, you must have the video already hosted by another website. So this means they are basically giving in to what the people want (post videos on their profile), rather than inspiring creativity like myspace might be doing by hosting their own videos. thats fine. I just wanted to point that out. maybe its better this way. its very clean here.

click on Posted Items on the left side
Now, you copy the URL of the video you want to insert into your profile.
paste that link into the Post a Link field on the right.

It will now appear on the Posted Items or Mini-feed section on your profile

These videos actually work well and look great on the site. kudos to facebook for making it simple like this.

also, I hear there are sites that have a button to “share on facebook” where you can share straight from their site. they use the word “partner” in the description, so that makes it sound boring. But look out for that.

You can press the share button to send the video to your friends too

also, they made a bookmarklet function. you install it by dragging the icon to your bar ( which is pretty cool actually ). I haven’t done it because I dont want any more crap on my machine. but this is just another option with this share function.

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How do I change the size of my top friends icons on Myspace?


I want to change the size of the icons for my top friends on myspace. How do I do this?
How do I make my top friends pictures bigger or smaller?

Add this code to your profile.

td.text td.text a img {width:150px !important;}

Experiment with the number to find your pleasure. I believe 100 is standard.

How do I find the friend I want to put in my top friends list?

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I have been having the problem where I have too many friends, and now its nearly impossible to find the friends I want to put in my top friends list. When it gets to over a thousand, it just becomes unmanageable.

I could not find any solutions on the net (only that the friends were in order of their ID numbers, based on when they signed up for myspace) , but after playing around for a while on myspace, I figured it out!

Here is how to find the friend you want to put in your top friends list, when you have a redunkulous amount of friends…

First, Open up Notepad. This is a great program to use for editing code because it is a small program which won’t slow down your computer and it won’t mess up any code you put in there with formatting. Its a great scratchpad for working with and analyzing code.

Now, you get the friends ID number. Save it somewhere (notepad).

Go to Change my “top friends”
click on the 2nd page of friends. This changes the address completely, and therein lies the solution.
copy and paste it in notepad, it will look like this:

This looks like mumbo jumbo, but theres a solution in there. If you seperate the code, it makes it easier to understand.

Identifies you:

Probably some sort of indexing:

How many friends you have total:


How many top friends you show:

Is it apparent now? In the list of top friends, you take the friend ID which you want to be in your top friend list, and replace the person you want to take out. The first friend in the list is clear to see, but the others have 2C ahead of them. Just leave that part in and replace the ID numbers.
To find who the person is in the ID you are removing, either count off, or plug it in here:

You can do this in the address bar or here in notepad. Either way, put the new address in and go to that page. You did it! amazing. I feel good.

if it didnt work, try again. It will work.

Insert image into myspace with a link


Here is a tip to insert an image into a myspace comment with a link to a site when someone clicks on it.
Use for good, not evil.

insert image with link


Make your myspace tables transparent or opaque and use an image as your background


For making your myspace profiles – If you dont pimp your profile, you are nobody. People wont respect you in the community. For making cool backgrounds, and your boxes (tables) transparent or moderately opaque, here are some tools I made today.
They are all clean now. if you do a search for these things normally, they will always try to enter in their own ads into your myspace page. dont be violated. I havent sold out yet – so here is some very clean code for pimping your myspace. Be Safe.

For: transparent boxes – custom background image
td, table, tr, span, li, p, div, textarea, DIV
background-color: transparent;
background-image: url(http://XXXXXXXXXX);
background-repeat: repeat;

opaque boxes and a background image>>>>
insert the following inside your style brackets… (What are Style Brackets?)

td.text td.text a img {width:50px !important;}
table, td, textarea, a, body, input{background-color:transparent;border:none;border-width:0}
table table table {border:10px double; border-color: 000000; padding:1; background-color:FFFFFF; filter:alpha(opacity=95); -moz-opacity:0.7; opacity:0.90; -khtml-opacity:0.4;}
table table{border:0px}
table table table table{border:0px}
body {

you can play with the highlighted line to get the degrees how you want it. be careful! you may lose visibility altogether, and then you will have to navigate solely using your instruments.

How do I change my myspace background color?

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Heres another simple thing to do to pimp your myspace. Change the color of your myspace background…

To change your background color, copy and paste this text into the about me section of your profile
<style type=”text/css”>
body { background: ffffff;}

ffffff represents what color you are making the background. To get the code for the color that you want, you can check out this color chooser tool:

Now, to put in an image as your background picture,
copy and paste this:

body {

Where the XXXXXX is the location of the image you want to make your background. if you need help figuring out what that is, I have that on one of my other myspace posts.

If you want the picture to repeat on the page, insert this:
body {

If you want the background image fixed in place when you scroll down, use this:
body {

You are now programming in CSS! it’s a start. In order to change your myspace profile, you must use CSS language. its not too tough, just do it in pieces, and remember every beginning should have an end.