How to adjust font size in myspace


How do I make my font sizes bigger or smaller in myspace?
You want to use the following lines to help you with this, where the XXXX is where the text that you want larger or smaller.
the is the normal font. and the +’s make it bigger, and the -‘s make the text smaller. Put the code in your profile, and see what size you deem appropriate.

<font size=+4>XXXXXXXX</font>
<font size=+3></font>
<font size=+2></font>
<font size=+1></font>
<font size=-1></font>
<font size=-2></font>

The Education Problem… and a Solution

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I am the type of person to find solutions rather than problems. That is what this site is becoming more and more of.

No Child Left Behind? Doesnt seem to be working. It seems like a last ditch effort to fixing something that is broken. I too have been in this situation. In a relationship with no momentum, I figured the only chance would be to go full throttle with it. I thought by me getting ‘serious’ it would solidify things. Didnt work. Becoming more serious was not the solution.

My solution is to relax the requirements on teaching our kids. We need people teaching who have been successful and are good role models for our children. I think of the people who became teachers that I went to high school with, these are not the people I want teaching my kids.

The problem is, in order to become a teacher, you must have so much schooling, that a person who is serious about producing in life or making a good living would not become a teacher. Who is going to spend 6 years of their life in education to make sub 40k? My naysayer’s answer would be – someone who cares. If you really care, you will start a company and create your own organization to help in a large scale. You can become a big brother. You can use the money you make to help in your free time.

My solution is more like the professorial system in colleges. I want more part-time teachers, who are successful in life, teaching our children. We need people with life experiences and wisdom to pass on their knowledge – rather than 24 year olds who have been told how to teach by books and 2nd hand knowledge. We need a sliding schedule to complement parents very different schedules in this new age , and also for the purpose that we can have a diverse group of teachers from all walks of life. If we have the opportunity to teach high schoolers at night, we would get a much more talented pool of professionals that want to pass on their knowledge.

This may create a complication for parents who use school as day care, but I really don’t care. School is not day care. Your kids are your main priority. You can make this work for them if you thought this was important enough.

Teaching, like public office, should not be something anyone does for their living. If we complicate the process with career paths and money, we are not being honest with ourselves. If we rely on retired individuals, as well as people who are willing to educate in their hours off, these will be the best quality teachers we can get.

Everyone has some free time during the week. Anyone can make time for something they care about. We have amazing individuals who care and who would teach given the opportunity without the tremendous commitment. I say let them teach.

How to resize videos in myspace (or any other site)


How do make the videos that I put in my myspace profile smaller? or bigger?
How do I resize videos?

Heres the solution:
you  embed your videos as usual in your myspace

Now, you go to the code which contains the code for the embedded video. In that area, look for the code which says something like: height=”###” width=”###” – it should be near the beginning.

This is the code which tells myspace (or any other site) the dimensions for your video.

Now, take those numbers and change them larger or smaller – but keep the same ratio.
For example, the  youtube videos will have a width and height of 425 and 350
You want to adjust these so that the ratio of width to height is the same, however you adjust it. In this example, if you want to make it half as big, you would make the new W = 212 and H=175.
if you want to make it twice as big, you would make the width 850 and the height 700.

Insert image into myspace with a link


Here is a tip to insert an image into a myspace comment with a link to a site when someone clicks on it.
Use for good, not evil.

insert image with link


Make your myspace tables transparent or opaque and use an image as your background


For making your myspace profiles – If you dont pimp your profile, you are nobody. People wont respect you in the community. For making cool backgrounds, and your boxes (tables) transparent or moderately opaque, here are some tools I made today.
They are all clean now. if you do a search for these things normally, they will always try to enter in their own ads into your myspace page. dont be violated. I havent sold out yet – so here is some very clean code for pimping your myspace. Be Safe.

For: transparent boxes – custom background image
td, table, tr, span, li, p, div, textarea, DIV
background-color: transparent;
background-image: url(http://XXXXXXXXXX);
background-repeat: repeat;

opaque boxes and a background image>>>>
insert the following inside your style brackets… (What are Style Brackets?)

td.text td.text a img {width:50px !important;}
table, td, textarea, a, body, input{background-color:transparent;border:none;border-width:0}
table table table {border:10px double; border-color: 000000; padding:1; background-color:FFFFFF; filter:alpha(opacity=95); -moz-opacity:0.7; opacity:0.90; -khtml-opacity:0.4;}
table table{border:0px}
table table table table{border:0px}
body {

you can play with the highlighted line to get the degrees how you want it. be careful! you may lose visibility altogether, and then you will have to navigate solely using your instruments.

NetVibes – Streamline your internet time.

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How do I cut down my internet time?

Stamp of approval:

The new state of the internet is that it is so wide open, there are now so many avenues to spend your time in. Every time I sit at a computer, there is a routine of checking my 2 main emails (general and personal) then less often my other 2 older professional emails, also checking the blogs, and then the stocks, and the news of the day, and then going on to a search engine or wiki to get started in what I sat down to do in the first place.

At first I used the google personalized homepage, which worked well. Netvibes seems to fit more stuff though. Useful stuff.

Netvibes is helping me streamline my internet time tremendously. Now, when I go to my computer, I go to one site, and I can check everything at the same time. I have 3 emails, 3 rss blog feeds, my google calendar, the NY times, and a few search engines. Also the weather. Oh, and tech news, and digg. And also a to-do list. This eliminates at least 4 sites I would normally have to log on to.

There are also add-ons for keeping tabs on myspace people, ebay, craigslist…. I don’t use them though.

Now, comes the period where we need to cut down our internet time. Lets get lives. Hope this helps.

How do I put a link into myspace comments? or put a URL link anywhere?


MYSPACE CHANGED THEIR CODES SO THAT LINKS NOW GO THROUGH THEIR SITE. This is supposed to protect you from spammers or other malicious individuals, but I think it just reduces your accountability on the internet. People should be able to see the link they are clicking on….
That being said..

There are no stupid questions, only stupid people. I can see how people come about my blog page, by what searches. There has been a number which came about by the search “how do I put URL into myspace?” which I interpret as people wanting to know how to put in a link on a myspace comment or any other site.


BELOW IS A VISUAL EXAMPLE ONLY. WordPress messes up the quotes and this will not work unless you replace the quotes.

<a href=””>my site</a>
will give us: my site

If you want the link to open in a New Window – this is nice, you probably do…
<a href=”http://WEBSITE URL” target=”_blank”>TEXT TO DISPLAY</a>
Which will yield:
my other site

you can use that code on most social networking sites (myspace, not facebook). its html.

A trick I have been doing is that all the code I frequently use to write comments on profiles and blogs I put in a notepad file on my desktop for easy access. In that file, I have some numbers I have to enter frequently like some long PIN numbers and also the code for inserting a picture and the code for linking.
It is code, and it is fickle. You won’t leave room for mistakes if you cut and paste from your notepad file. And its quick!

Add any song to your Myspace profile


People are always asking me how to put up a song on myspace.

At first I told them the easy solution, which would be to find the band on myspace that performs that song, and if they have the option to, click add next to/under the song – and that will add that song to your profile.

Another easy solution is to have an Artist’s profile. In this case, you can upload 4 songs at a time. BUT, it is extremely shadey if the songs are not yours, because by uploading them this way, you are insinuating that these are songs created by you. So – be sure to upload only your own songs to your myspace profile.

I used to tell them these were the only solutions. It’s not true. if you have ever asked a question, someone else has also. And if you google it, you will see that someone else has found the answer already. Heres the answer…

So… What if the song you want is not on the artists page? This is the question most people are intending when they ask. I will assume you already have the song on mp3. If you don’t, I believe in you that you can get it without me being explicit here.

Keep in mind that most artists (and the suits they work for) don’t appreciate your use of their songs without permission, blah blah blah lawsuit blah blah copyright infringement. I will assume you created your own audio recording and put it on mp3…

Here is a website to make it all very simple for you. You can upload your mp3 or WMA, and embed it by cutting and pasting the code from the site to one of the sections in your profile (like About Me). The code will say EMBED next to it. EMBED is used whenever you want to put some code in your profile or elsewhere that will insert a player of some sort or an internet gadget.

Be Safe. Send me your questions.

How do I change my myspace background color?

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Heres another simple thing to do to pimp your myspace. Change the color of your myspace background…

To change your background color, copy and paste this text into the about me section of your profile
<style type=”text/css”>
body { background: ffffff;}

ffffff represents what color you are making the background. To get the code for the color that you want, you can check out this color chooser tool:

Now, to put in an image as your background picture,
copy and paste this:

body {

Where the XXXXXX is the location of the image you want to make your background. if you need help figuring out what that is, I have that on one of my other myspace posts.

If you want the picture to repeat on the page, insert this:
body {

If you want the background image fixed in place when you scroll down, use this:
body {

You are now programming in CSS! it’s a start. In order to change your myspace profile, you must use CSS language. its not too tough, just do it in pieces, and remember every beginning should have an end.

Insert image into myspace and in comments


My post on inserting a video into myspace has become very popular already. There is obviously a need for info on basic myspace pimping. I thought I should do another to help blog on that. How do I put a picture into myspace?

First you need to find the URL location of the image. Every picture you see on the internet has a location where the picture resides. You must get the address of the image. If you are having trouble getting the address, try right-clicking on the image and clicking properties, then copying the address from the box that pops up.

Now, place that address (URL) where the Xs are:
<img src=XXXXXXXX>

Will look like this
<img src=!.jpg>

Copy and paste that where you want the image to appear – in myspace or wherever.

Next step -> If you want people to get linked back to your site or another site when they click on your image, insert this code instead:
<a href=”XXXsite to link back toXXX”><img src=”XXX URL of imageXXX”></a>

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