Video Encoder Endorsement: Super (C)

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The best video encoder!

It is hard to find a program to convert your video files.
Many programs don’t have the options, and many have licenses and aren’t free.

There is almost always a free program out there – open source or otherwise – that will solve all your problems for you. If only you knew about it.

I want to hand in my endorsement of the day – Super (C)

This program is so powerful, it can convert just about any video file to just about any video file.
from the site: aac, ac3, amr_nb (for ring tones), amr_wb, mmf (for ring tones), mp2, mp3, mpc (MusePack), ogg, wav, wma

I use it almost every day. There are so many options and the quality is great. The speed is relatively fast too. There is nothing substandard about this converter at all. In fact, this is the best encoder I have ever used, paid for or not.

Check it out and if you have something better, let me know. Have fun

Demonstration of an Interlaced Video and a Deinterlaced Video

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Do I need to deinterlace my video? What does interlaced and deinterlaced mean? Why do I get these jagged lines on my video?

I recently uploaded two versions of the same video to my facebook page to demonstrate the visible difference between a video that is interlaced and one that is deinterlaced or scanned progressively. I have attached a couple stills from each clip to demonstrate the point. You can see artifacts in the first video. This is the combing or “mouse teeth” effect that can occur with interlaced video. It is always more apparent when you watch an interlaced video on computer monitors because they natively use progressive scanning. Notice that you don’t see artifacts in the second still, that is because I deinterlaced this version.

Interlaced VideoProgressive Scan Video

For those of you who do not know what interlacing is, I will give you a brief description. There are basically two methods of scanning when a video is played, interlace and progressive scan. Interlacing involves the displaying of even horizontal lines of resolution followed by odd lines of resolution in a single frame of video. Whereas, progressive scanning, involves displaying a single frame of video by scanning horizontal lines of resolution from the top to the bottom of the screen. This translates into a smoother and crisper video especially when there is a lot of motion being displayed, particularly in sports broadcasts, which is why some HD stations choose to broadcast major sporting events in 720p as opposed to 1080i. They are willing to sacrifice the higher resolution for a more clean look. It is still open to debate, however, whether the tradeoff is worth it.

As demonstrated by the pictures, interlacing can lead to some bizarre results. You might be inclined to ask why this method is even used. The answer is because it is the standard used by television sets (CRTs) and has been for many years. Nonetheless, when we display our videos online or just keep them on our computer, it is usually wise to deinterlace them when possible because there aren’t the same standards and restrictions in the computer world as there is on a standard NTSC broadcast. Therefore, we should take advantage of the freedom we have in displaying our videos on sites such as youtube and facebook, so that our videos look as good and as sharp as possible.

How do I insert a video into facebook?


Heres a question that has totally been under the radar:
How do I put a video onto facebook?

The book barely mentions this, but it is possible! Heres how you do it:

First things first, you must have the video already hosted by another website. So this means they are basically giving in to what the people want (post videos on their profile), rather than inspiring creativity like myspace might be doing by hosting their own videos. thats fine. I just wanted to point that out. maybe its better this way. its very clean here.

click on Posted Items on the left side
Now, you copy the URL of the video you want to insert into your profile.
paste that link into the Post a Link field on the right.

It will now appear on the Posted Items or Mini-feed section on your profile

These videos actually work well and look great on the site. kudos to facebook for making it simple like this.

also, I hear there are sites that have a button to “share on facebook” where you can share straight from their site. they use the word “partner” in the description, so that makes it sound boring. But look out for that.

You can press the share button to send the video to your friends too

also, they made a bookmarklet function. you install it by dragging the icon to your bar ( which is pretty cool actually ). I haven’t done it because I dont want any more crap on my machine. but this is just another option with this share function.

The other blog listing

How to resize videos in myspace (or any other site)


How do make the videos that I put in my myspace profile smaller? or bigger?
How do I resize videos?

Heres the solution:
you  embed your videos as usual in your myspace

Now, you go to the code which contains the code for the embedded video. In that area, look for the code which says something like: height=”###” width=”###” – it should be near the beginning.

This is the code which tells myspace (or any other site) the dimensions for your video.

Now, take those numbers and change them larger or smaller – but keep the same ratio.
For example, the  youtube videos will have a width and height of 425 and 350
You want to adjust these so that the ratio of width to height is the same, however you adjust it. In this example, if you want to make it half as big, you would make the new W = 212 and H=175.
if you want to make it twice as big, you would make the width 850 and the height 700.

How to Insert a Video Into WordPress

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I ran into a little trouble trying to put a video on this blog. How do I put a video into my wordpress blog? Here is the code you need to put on a video:
[ youtube=]
Just put the URL where it belongs here – thats how you get it in. and take out the space after the first bracket – trouble figuring out how to post code

In other words, put this:

inside [ ] square brackets.

-Thanks Raymee! nice video

How do I insert a video into myspace? as a comment?


I thought I would never do this. I was going to abandon it. This has been on my mind though. I have good information that I come across, that should be out there. I think this might work. this might just work….

My job lately has been creating myspace profiles, and maintaining them. someone wanted to comment a video in one of our profiles, but didnt know how. heres how(assuming you have a video)::
How do I insert a video into myspace?

1-upload it into a site like youtube…
2-view the video
C-on that page, there should be a box that says EMBED
D-click once on the area next to it , then copy it (right click, copy or CTL C)
f-paste this info into the section where would normally write a comment.

sites that host your video will almost always have a way to insert your video into wherever you want it to go. they want you to spread it too.:
If you find that there is some writing above or below your video which says: width=”300″ height=”150″
you will have to go into the code itself and do a little big of operating(don’t worry, its very easy) -> all you have to do is edit your comment and take out the code that looks like this ——-<object width=”300″ height=”150″>
——- then repost.

send a comment if you need any more help

now, also, for making profiles. If you dont pimp your profile, you are nobody. people wont respect you in the community. Myspace is getting these great video and picture slideshows – but you can only take in videos which are in the myspace system – not from other sources like youtube. Kudos anyhow for that.
For making cool backgrounds, and your boxes transparent or moderately opaque, here are some tools, I made today.
They are all clean now. if you do a search for them, they will always try to enter in their own ads into your myspace page. dont be violated. I havent sold out yet – so here is some very clean code for pimping your myspace. Be Safe.

For: transparent boxes – background image
td, table, tr, span, li, p, div, textarea, DIV
background-color: transparent;
background-image: url(http://XXXXXXXXXX);
background-repeat: repeat;

opaque boxes and a background image>>>>
<style type=”text/css”>
body {
background: url(http://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX);
<style type=”text/css”>
table, td, textarea, a, body, input{background-color:transparent;border:none;border-width:0}
table table table {border:1px double; border-color: 000000; padding:1; background-color:FFFFFF; filter:alpha(opacity=90); -moz-opacity:0.9; opacity:0.9; -khtml-opacity:0.9;}
table table{border:0px}
table table table table{border:0px}

insert image with link