I just want to let everyone know how EASY it is for getting parking tickets reduced in NYC. NEVER agree to paying the entire fine. It is a JOKE how easy it is to do this. I am upset I never did this before.

All you have to do is go to the main page

go to the bottom where it says Request Hearing – and put in your ticket number.
I was initially worried I would get stuck in going to the courthouse, but nope – this is total automation – they just put you to another screen with a reduced amount.

Now, is this justice? Not really. All it is doing is fining people more if they do not know about this option. Another idiot tax. Sure I am happy to save, but this practice is still not honest.

How much?
$115 tickets become $90
$65 tickets become $43
$60 tickets become$40
$45 tickets become $32
$35 tickets become $26

It’s a shame because it makes it a gamble to plead not guilty. If you argue the case in person, and are found guilty, you have to pay the entire fine plus penalties. There they go again, caging the tiger.