I could really care less about what is “good” and “bad”. I don’t think about morals and religion. I never try to do anything other than what it is or what I get out of it. This probably applies to those ultra-givers too, but they get some sort of pride or self-worth by giving to charities.

I don’t give money to charities. I know people working in non-profits, and they make tons of money. Who exactly is making no profit? Also, I don’t want MY money being mismanaged and spent on frivolous things. I would much rather give my time and help to something than my money. I need my money to make more money. Maybe when I die. If I die.

Love Barnes and Nobles. Magazine section. Its like candyland for your head. A few months ago, I found a magazine that grabbed me. Every article was interesting to me. How different companies are connected, where money is spent, random people bios, playpump water system in africa, cool fun photos… Literally, every article was worth of a read. This hasnt happened since my friend turned me onto Maxim Magazine when I was a freshman in college. (I’ve moved on since then(to esquire)). The next day, I realized what the magazine was about, and its connection to the title.

GOOD Magazine is a magazine all about. For me its all about finding things that fit. I always try to find solutions no matter what I am doing. I love getting gifts for people because I like to find what fits them the most – what they will need or like the most. This should be a whole post unto itself… Magazines like this see solutions and let you know about it. It inspires you to put help solve the world. Thats what I get out of it.

Heres a great idea how to save the world doing nothing. Ripple.org is a website where they take the profits from advertising and they give it directly to a cause of your choice. One instance won’t make much, but if you make their site your homepage…. This will add up! Great idea. might as well, it doesn’t hurt.

2 more ways to do good. Ripple your homepage. and read GOOD.