Want to meet girls on myspace?


Do you want to meet girls on myspace? of course you do

About a year ago, I created a program to generate the perfect myspace message to someone. If you go through this template, you are practically guaranteed sparking a conversation, which will ultimately result in action.

dont believe me? Join the haters, the doubters.
Either way, its worth a try


Now I want to get noticed

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I can’t believe people actually read my blog~ Who? why?? I looked at the persons blog who commented on my blog – and it was pretty interesting. EVERYbody’s interesting. Everyone has something to say. and nothing is fine too. I might be hooked. Am I late to the game? doesnt matter, b/c I am here.

So, now I care about getting out there. Popularizing my blog. I get to be competitive sometimes, and I want to be top ten. How do I do this?
First, tagging. There are wordpress tags – which are your categories.


what is technorati? why should I care?
Technorati indexes blogs from all over and allows you to search for topics within them. Like a google for blogs. bloogle, right. If you are accessible to technorati, people from all avenues of blogging will check you out, not just on wordpress.

To get your blog involved with technorati, check out:

They have a lot of great information on the technorati website. I am learning a lot from there.

I don’t know how that first person who commented found my blog, or why, but I am hooked and I want more. I am now tagging.

Del.icio.us is another site that is on my radar, but haven’t yet gotten around to. I am realizing now that there are SO many sites out there that are popular. I feel not in touch sometimes when someone mentions a site that I have never heard of – especially at work. There are so many, and no one could be expected to be operational with all of them. not simultaneously. As long as we have the capability to learn it in an hour, we will all do fine.

There must be more to popularizing blogs. I will keep you (?) updated.

<a href=”http://technorati.com/claim/bh3aqquwyg&#8221; rel=”me”>Technorati Profile</a>


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Now, in the casual internet conversation, the phrase LOL has been of frequent irritation. I know of quite a few people who would like to expel LOL from our internet lexicon. no more LOL. right?

Laugh out Loud. do they really laugh out loud? I know, they don’t always. you never can tell. When there is a problem, you can either look at it or fix it. those might be one of those 2 types of people scenarios. I fixed it about 5 years ago, but it is yet to spread outside my group of friends. I think.

Lets start by throwing out LOL entirely. it is not descriptive enough. We, as comedians, do not have enough feedback for our humor. how funny are we really being??

ha: obligatory laugh. We recognize you are being funny. kudos. just no actual laughs.

haha: chuckle deserved. pretty funny. not yet laugh out loud territory.

hahaha: actually LOLing. I am laughing – out loud.

hahahahaha…..: the amount of ha’s should now dictate how funny it is, how much you are really laughing. this is dynamic, this is your gauge of laughter. when you get into 2 line territory, you know you are killing.

and thats it. I think I helped a few people today. one more thing from wikipedia:
mdr — French version of the expression “LOL”, meaning “mort de rire”. Roughly translated, it means “dead from laughing”.
THAT is a very cool alternative to the old LOL. if you must be nondescript, do it in french.

spreading the word

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There are so many avenues to spread your word through. I can spread myself thin and do them all. Doesnt seem like its the most constructive use of my time. I am starting to believe that the filter to the top is much better now. What I mean is the cream is actually the creamiest. What I mean is that the only the best stuff gets to the top now. There is no way I can create the best stuff. some old addage says theres always someone better than you. I could really care less about the person in iowa shooting freethrows who is better than me. I only see my competition, and there is a lot. With what we are doing, I believe our best option is to be a forum for other people. This reminds me a lot of when I ran a tv station in college. All I did was make it the most open for people to express themselves. I tried not to deny anyones dreams, I wanted to make everyones creations happen. and it worked out pretty well. Same goes for here, theres no way we are going to consistently create the word on the street. We need to make it so we are the best outlet for other peoples creations. only the best will still be around in 2 years. I want to work here so badly that I feel like its up to me to make it work> Im going to do my best. heavy.com has some good outlets for spreading the word. but I am not about to advertise for them. they look nice but it reminds me of break.com with the corporate influence. very starsky and hutch animation like.

How do I insert a video into myspace? as a comment?


I thought I would never do this. I was going to abandon it. This has been on my mind though. I have good information that I come across, that should be out there. I think this might work. this might just work….

My job lately has been creating myspace profiles, and maintaining them. someone wanted to comment a video in one of our profiles, but didnt know how. heres how(assuming you have a video)::
How do I insert a video into myspace?

1-upload it into a site like youtube…
2-view the video
C-on that page, there should be a box that says EMBED
D-click once on the area next to it , then copy it (right click, copy or CTL C)
f-paste this info into the section where would normally write a comment.

sites that host your video will almost always have a way to insert your video into wherever you want it to go. they want you to spread it too.:
If you find that there is some writing above or below your video which says: width=”300″ height=”150″
you will have to go into the code itself and do a little big of operating(don’t worry, its very easy) -> all you have to do is edit your comment and take out the code that looks like this ——-<object width=”300″ height=”150″>
——- then repost.

send a comment if you need any more help

now, also, for making profiles. If you dont pimp your profile, you are nobody. people wont respect you in the community. Myspace is getting these great video and picture slideshows – but you can only take in videos which are in the myspace system – not from other sources like youtube. Kudos anyhow for that.
For making cool backgrounds, and your boxes transparent or moderately opaque, here are some tools, I made today.
They are all clean now. if you do a search for them, they will always try to enter in their own ads into your myspace page. dont be violated. I havent sold out yet – so here is some very clean code for pimping your myspace. Be Safe.

For: transparent boxes – background image
td, table, tr, span, li, p, div, textarea, DIV
background-color: transparent;
background-image: url(http://XXXXXXXXXX);
background-repeat: repeat;

opaque boxes and a background image>>>>
<style type=”text/css”>
body {
background: url(http://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX);
<style type=”text/css”>
table, td, textarea, a, body, input{background-color:transparent;border:none;border-width:0}
table table table {border:1px double; border-color: 000000; padding:1; background-color:FFFFFF; filter:alpha(opacity=90); -moz-opacity:0.9; opacity:0.9; -khtml-opacity:0.9;}
table table{border:0px}
table table table table{border:0px}

insert image with link

First post, say yes

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This is my first blog post. ever. I have always stayed away from the blogging community. I never thought I had the commitment to keep a blog. If I have anything important to say or pass along, I will to my friends – not the masses.

This monday, I started a new job at an internet startup. I think I love it. I feel like I am there for ideas. which is amazing to me because all I do is come up with better ways of doing things, and to be paid for it?? its not a think tank, but it is a wide open thing where we are laying the groundwork now for what will be a great site in the near future. hopefully this blog will chronicle our way to success. at the very least I will talk about what is happening with myself working at the company. from my first days on the job (I started this monday).

I am not one to overexpose myself to the public. so I am aiming for this to be more of a useful blog to spread the things I have learned about the internet, computers, and anything else I think everyone should know. maybe no one will read it. I would be disappointed actually. I am writing this so people can take advantage. So I want people to read this. I will have to make it informative and exciting. and not rant endlessly. for that reason this paragraph must stop.

Again, this is my first blog. I am good with internet and computers, but have never been exposed to this world like this. THEREFORE, everything I learn about blogging, I will document here, so things will be easy for anyone reading this blog. I will try everything out on this blog, just to experiment and learn it. there is a lot to know. intimidating a bit. but I knew the only way to do it is to start now. so thats what I did. I wanted to put this off. not create it tonight. N0, this blog starts now. which brings me to how I have been approaching opportunities for the past year. the one thing that I want to spread which I think can make everyone better who follows it. What I think will help anyone gain an expanded view and an accelerated life. its all very simple, but against what our parents and teachers have been telling us for decades. There are many people that will bring you down – the doubters, the haters – people who are essentially negative. these people are poisonous to you. they can change, I think I may have been that way at one time. I am tired of hearing people say no. thats why this first post is dedicated to one phrase: Just say yes.

thats it for tonight. more tomorrow.