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I am no longer updating this site because wordpress does not make it easy to put ads on the blog. For now on, Jeffrey Knows will be located at Blogger

Please check it out and tell me what you think and what you’d like to know

Statistics for websites and subdomains – My fav so far.


I like this site the best for measuring statistics of sites not my own.

I especially like how you can get statistics for subdomains. This is rare for a statistical analysis page. Also, it’s free. No signups necessary. Just plug in and go. Easy.

top 10 list of analytics

How do I Retweet something? What is RT?

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You retweet something when you agree wholeheartedly what a person has to say or want to spread the information tweeted by someone on Twitter.

So how Do I go about Retweeting?

I find the easiest way is to just copy and paste the entire message and add “RT @” to the beginning. This gives the originator credit (by using the @ sign) and ReTweets their message.

For example, the important info is:

JeffreyTastes Vote Jorge Munoz for CNN’s Heroes. – Amazingly dedicated man who feeds the immigrant workers in JH. He can win $100k

I will copy the entire part, including the name and write

RT @JeffreyTastes Vote Jorge Munoz for CNN’s Heroes. – Amazingly dedicated man who feeds the immigrant workers in JH. He can win $100k

Twitter virus hacked accounts – Nossa olha….

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“Nossa olha so oq vai rolar hj e IMPERDIVEL!!!!!”

This was the message followed by a link which hacked twitterers have been sending out. Don’t click the link, delete and if you did click, spybot yourself.

What is Petting?

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What exactly is Petting?
What does petting include?

I have always wondered this. I collect antiquated etiquette books and in the book Modern Courtship and Marriage (1957) by EE LeMasters, the author describes it as such:

The term “petting”… includes literally every caress known to married couples but does not include complete sexual intercourse.

So there you have it. Your parents weren’t so innocent after all…

Police Student Internship – Riverhead

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The most important thing a student in college can do is get an internship. I wish I would have done internships at every opportunity. No one cares what you learn in the classroom, everyone wants experience. Here is an internship that was passed along my desk and I wanted to make sure it got out there to people who could find it useful:

Riverhead Police Department Student Intern Program

RIVERHEAD, July 31, 2009 — Supervisor Phil Cardinale notes the success of the Riverhead Police Department’s Student Intern Program. For over 5 years the Department has participated in hosting volunteer interns from local colleges. The program helps to fulfill the students’ degree requirements. Interns are assigned to the Police Department for approximately 100 hours and a special program is tailored to meet individual interests. While working at headquarters, the assignments are usually clerical, but once assigned to the different divisions, such as Detectives, Juvenile Aid Bureau, Court, Communications and Patrol, they obtain more hands-on experiences. Occasionally, their shift will vary to include evening rides with patrol officers.

Cardinale stated, “This program accomplishes two great objectives. The Town assists the training of citizens as they prepare for careers while benefitting from the assistance provided by the participants. I congratulate Chief David Hegermiller and his staff for their efforts which have made the program a success.”

Chief Hegermiller noted, “All interns have reported positive experiences to their respective schools and are very happy to have served with the Riverhead Police Department. The program has been successful in exposing students to law enforcement on a ‘hands-on’ basis and in establishing strong bonds between the Department and our local colleges.”

For more information on police internship programs, please contact Mary Andruszkiewicz at 631-727-4500 Ext. 315.

Set Game Tips

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I got into Set Game about a few month ago. Though not an expert by any means, I am getting better. And through trying to get better, I could not find any online resources to tips for this game. Here are some tips or ways of thinking that may help you.

First, for me, I usually get between 1 and 2 minutes. My record is 36 seconds. Although sometimes I do get into 3 and 4 minute territories.

The basic premise is all the same or all different.

I try to identify rare linking cards and work off of them. If there is only one 2, then I look for a 1 and then think what would be the only usable 3 to go with it. If it’s not there, scratch that and move on.
Look for the rare linking cards.

I see what colors are present and if there’s 3 of something right away. This is usually easy to analyze quickly.

Be methodical. Check all equal fills, all 123s, all 1s, 2s, 3s, all equal shapes. The same fills, numbers, shapes should be easy but they are sometimes left out and you usually kick yourself when you find it at the 3:30 mark.

Don’t worry about duplicate sets. Don’t bother checking your status on the side, it’s a waste of time.

Narrow down what is possible what is not possible. If there is only one card with a singular item on it, you can do a 1,2,3 with that card only – so exhaust all possibilities with that right away.

Do you have any other tips?

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