How do I remove a comment from Myspace?

Leave a comment

I have a comment that doesnt allow me to remove it. Instead of the normal ‘Delete my comment’ link, it isnt there, or there is a link to another spam site. Those mothers, who cares about these porn sites??

So, how do I remove one of these seemingly unremoveable comments??

Click Safe Edit Mode on the top right
Click on the Comments Tab
Find the comment you want to remove and press delete.

Thats all – easy

How do I change the size of my top friends icons on Myspace?


I want to change the size of the icons for my top friends on myspace. How do I do this?
How do I make my top friends pictures bigger or smaller?

Add this code to your profile.

td.text td.text a img {width:150px !important;}

Experiment with the number to find your pleasure. I believe 100 is standard.

How do I put a link into myspace comments? or put a URL link anywhere?


MYSPACE CHANGED THEIR CODES SO THAT LINKS NOW GO THROUGH THEIR SITE. This is supposed to protect you from spammers or other malicious individuals, but I think it just reduces your accountability on the internet. People should be able to see the link they are clicking on….
That being said..

There are no stupid questions, only stupid people. I can see how people come about my blog page, by what searches. There has been a number which came about by the search “how do I put URL into myspace?” which I interpret as people wanting to know how to put in a link on a myspace comment or any other site.


BELOW IS A VISUAL EXAMPLE ONLY. WordPress messes up the quotes and this will not work unless you replace the quotes.

<a href=””>my site</a>
will give us: my site

If you want the link to open in a New Window – this is nice, you probably do…
<a href=”http://WEBSITE URL” target=”_blank”>TEXT TO DISPLAY</a>
Which will yield:
my other site

you can use that code on most social networking sites (myspace, not facebook). its html.

A trick I have been doing is that all the code I frequently use to write comments on profiles and blogs I put in a notepad file on my desktop for easy access. In that file, I have some numbers I have to enter frequently like some long PIN numbers and also the code for inserting a picture and the code for linking.
It is code, and it is fickle. You won’t leave room for mistakes if you cut and paste from your notepad file. And its quick!

Add any song to your Myspace profile


People are always asking me how to put up a song on myspace.

At first I told them the easy solution, which would be to find the band on myspace that performs that song, and if they have the option to, click add next to/under the song – and that will add that song to your profile.

Another easy solution is to have an Artist’s profile. In this case, you can upload 4 songs at a time. BUT, it is extremely shadey if the songs are not yours, because by uploading them this way, you are insinuating that these are songs created by you. So – be sure to upload only your own songs to your myspace profile.

I used to tell them these were the only solutions. It’s not true. if you have ever asked a question, someone else has also. And if you google it, you will see that someone else has found the answer already. Heres the answer…

So… What if the song you want is not on the artists page? This is the question most people are intending when they ask. I will assume you already have the song on mp3. If you don’t, I believe in you that you can get it without me being explicit here.

Keep in mind that most artists (and the suits they work for) don’t appreciate your use of their songs without permission, blah blah blah lawsuit blah blah copyright infringement. I will assume you created your own audio recording and put it on mp3…

Here is a website to make it all very simple for you. You can upload your mp3 or WMA, and embed it by cutting and pasting the code from the site to one of the sections in your profile (like About Me). The code will say EMBED next to it. EMBED is used whenever you want to put some code in your profile or elsewhere that will insert a player of some sort or an internet gadget.

Be Safe. Send me your questions.