My post on inserting a video into myspace has become very popular already. There is obviously a need for info on basic myspace pimping. I thought I should do another to help blog on that. How do I put a picture into myspace?

First you need to find the URL location of the image. Every picture you see on the internet has a location where the picture resides. You must get the address of the image. If you are having trouble getting the address, try right-clicking on the image and clicking properties, then copying the address from the box that pops up.

Now, place that address (URL) where the Xs are:
<img src=XXXXXXXX>

Will look like this
<img src=!.jpg>

Copy and paste that where you want the image to appear – in myspace or wherever.

Next step -> If you want people to get linked back to your site or another site when they click on your image, insert this code instead:
<a href=”XXXsite to link back toXXX”><img src=”XXX URL of imageXXX”></a>